ZEGNA’s Alessandro Sartori and Mr Bailey Unpick the Meticulous Execution Behind New Triple Stitch™ Sneaker

In a meeting of two creative expressions, ZEGNA collaborates with London-based designer Daniel Bailey – better known as Mr. Bailey – to reimagine its signature Triple Stitch™ sneaker. The new design sees a complete reinvention from its original sleek qualities, continuing the brand’s daring experimentation of its classic pieces.

First seen at ZEGNA’s Spring/Summer 2022 runway show, the new Triple Stitch™ iteration comes as part of its new-age offerings, embodying ZEGNA’s refined, modernity whilst honoring its rich heritage. To capture this distinctive identity, ZEGNA’s artistic director Alessandro Sartori and Mr Bailey began the process by looking to the Oasi Zegna nature reserve in Piedmont Italy where the brand roots from. The scraping mountains that fill the Oasi vista inspired the pair to bring a hiking-inspired element to the Triple Stitch™ remodel, boasting mesh details and toggle fastenings.

However, it’s also the brand’s long-standing history in bespoke craftsmanship that spurred the CONCEPTKICKS founder to push the boundaries in material innovation. “From working with Alessandro and seeing how he looks at product through a discerning lens, and being inspired by the level of passion and ability that he and his team have to create sculpturally complex, functional art,” says Mr Bailey. “It was a true balance of contemporary product engineering and traditional luxury sentiment.”

Actualizing Mr Bailey’s forward-thinking ideas, ZEGNA’s team of skilled craftspeople were able to utilize the traditional Japanese wood preservation technique Yakisugi which possesses a carbonized-effect finish. Together, it creates a striking crackled look on its leather body, inventing a natural texture that has never been seen on other footwear before.

For Sartori, the technical design journey that has taken place over months of development is noticeably reflected in the luxury attributes of the revamped Triple Stitch™. Speaking on the process he says, “The collaboration, based on a unique footwear-crafting process, is an unprecedented experiment in which luxury materials match perfectly with up-to-date accomplishments.”

In the video, the artistic director shares how luxury is often a “used and abused word.” He adds that, “It must be based on a common vision, authentic conversations and most importantly, mutual respect and trust.” It is a premise that has laid the foundation for “new possibilities and ideas” for both brands.

Watch the exclusive interviews and go behind the creative process in the Hypebeast-produced video above. Stay tuned to find out more on the Triple Stitch™ MRBAILEY® launching on ZEGNA’s website.

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